Here's What Our Customers are Saying about Suzy Sirloin

"When I recommend my patients eat meat, it has to be fresh natural and lean, and Suzy Sirloin is my first and only choice."  - Dr. Howard M. Shapiro, Author of the NY Times bestseller PICTURE PERFECT WEIGHT LOSS
"Thank you guys at Suzy Sirloin for caring about what we, the public, put in our bodies!!
Dana, PA
"You don't have to compromise the 'yummy' or 'easy' for the 'healthy' with Suzy's Sliders. Throw 'em on the grill, in a pan or broil them and you are done. You can know you are serving something your family will love and its good for them too(no one else has to know about the easy part ; ) It's summer time and Suzy just made the living even easier!" 
"Suzy Sirloin's line of lean gourmet beef, lamb and veal has 'restaurant quality' selections plus a 'healthy' profile that makes me comfortable eating and serving it to my family. Suzy Sirloin is also an all American brand with local New York distributors, so it felt good to be able to support American farmers and ranchers who work hard to nurture and raise quality meat."
"We knew it was the perfect opportunity to combine an old favorite recipe with a new product – classic meatloaf. We're hooked – and ready to place our next order!"
Gina, NY
"This was a very high quality of meat. You could tell by the wonderful aroma when cooking. The taste was amazing. Overall we were very pleased and I'd say that it even exceeded our expectations! Everything was tender and juicy as it should be!"
Lisa, NJ
I've Learned my Lesson! I had a situation recently where I wanted to make a meatloaf to take to a friend. I was out of Suzy Siroin meats and ran to my local grocery store to pick up meatloaf mix and lean ground beef. When I opened the meats, the smell was just terrible. I (double) bagged everything up and returned the offensive mixture to the store and went to a different store to purchase what I needed. I realized just how much I rely on the freshness, quality and flavor of Suzy Sirloin and am now in the process of stocking up my freezer so I don't get caught short again!" Pam, PA
Suzy Sirloin Makes Wonderful Meals! "All of the products we were able to try were amazing. The taste was wonderful and it was so nice knowing our meat was natural without antibiotics or hormones. And the best part was they came fresh in a cooler, straight to us. I couldn't be happier with Suzy Sirloin and their wonderful products" 
Katherine, GA
"Enjoy delicious foods while watching your waistline!"
"It is no surprise then that the products exceed even the most health-conscious consumer's expectations!"
Lindsey, AZ
'Suzy Sirloin' products are the best!  A must-have for any meat lover!"
Jackie, NJ
"The Suzy Sirloin is delicious!  We had Swedish meatballs last night and tacos the other night. 
 We have to send you the recipes for ask Suzy." 
Sam, NYC
"I had the Suzy Sirloin Hot sausage and they were delicious grilled. Must have more" 
Bev, NJ
"Suzy Sirloin" products are the best!  A must-have for any meat lover!!!"-
Jackie, NJ
"I love to eat Suzy Sirloin product because I feel its very healthy, delicious and the best out there" 
Andrea, NYC
"You can't go wrong with Suzy Sirloin meatloaf mix. Every time you use this for recipes from Mexican night to mama's meatballs, it will become a family tradition." 
Sam, Bedford, NY
"Suzy Sirloin products are awesome! A "must have" at any meal." 
Emily, NYC
"The minimally processed Suzy Sirloin ground beef made excellent, tasty and juicy hamburgers with minimal seasonings even on an indoor electric grill. I anxiously await the advent of the outdoor grilling season in my area for an even better experience. I highly recommend Suzy Sirloin's ground beef." 
Bob, NJ
"The meatloaf was so tasty it reminded me of the meatloaf my mother used to make...I loved the beef, pork and veal flavors" 
B.K. Florida
"I made meatballs with the Suzy Sirloin meatball mix and they were so flavorful and tasty! I will never make a meatball with anything other than this product ever again! My family gave rave reviews and wants to know when I'm making them again." 
Sherilyn, PA
"Suzy Sirloin's all natural meat will knock you off your feet! " -
Shorty Z
"These are the best lamb burgers in the whole world! We love Suzy Sirloin!" - Braden and Holden (brothers age 10 and 8) Seattle
"I gotta say I'm loving the ground veal. My secret snack; I discovered 2 veal sliders crumples up nicely after being cooked for 10 minutes, a bit of red onion, S&P, dash of butter, pinch of oregano, subtle dash of worchestire and whamo. Warm a hot dog bun, place a few pieces of Iceberg on the bun and lay on the ground veal ala taco style. fuggedaboutit...YUM" 
"I am always trying to get my kids to eat more protein and Suzy Sirloin is the only meat they will eat. I like that they are natural." 
Courtney, Westchester (Kids 15, 13 and 10 years old)
"We have used Suzy sirloin products and love the ground lamb beef and veal. I made amazing meatballs and meat sauce, my friends told me they were the best ever. What I liked is they had great flavor and not a lot of fat which was amazing to me. Love, love, love them. We would definitely use them from now on to make my meat sauce and meatballs." 
Brianne, NJ.
"These burgers really are amazing! It Fed the entire lacrosse team these burgers at our last team dinner."
Peter, NY
"We had a few of the Suzy Sirloin Burgers last night at a friend's house. They were absolutely delicious and everybody was asking "where are these burgers from?". We scarfed'em down in record time."  
Paddy, NY
"We had assorted expensive hor d'oeuvres and the Suzy Sirloin, but at the end of the party there was no Suzy Sirloin left over and its all everyone talked about!" -
"Finally... a lean meat without a sacrifice in flavor... delicious!"
Tiffany, Pa