Howdy! My name is Suzanne, but people call me Suzy Sirloin.


Thank you for inviting me to your celebration! My name is Suzy, and I am the fifth-generation of my family’s meat business—Strassburger Steaks. I’ve had a passion for meat since I was four years old, serving steaks to my friends as an afternoon snack. Things haven't changed!

My goal for Suzy Sirloin was this to provide the best quality choices in beefporklamb, and veal while supporting American farmers and ranchers who feed the world. And now you’ve found it—a meal you can feel good about serving yourself, your family and your friends. Thank you for joining me in this cause! I hope you enjoy.

Let’s celebrate together! I would love to be inspired by your recipes, cooking techniques, and family gatherings—Use the hashtag #CelebrateMeat on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share. Have a question? Call me directly at 1-855-ASK-SUZY or send me an email at

Go on and get your sirloin!



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